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Raider Football

2014 Varsity Roseville Raiders

Endzone Club Needs Your Support

Roseville football needs your support!  The team is coming off its best season ever and your contributions are needed to sustain the program. Endzone Club membership is quick and easy, just click on the membership link below.  In addition to monetary support the Endzone Club needs volunteers. We need volunteers to work at concessions during Varsity home games, report team scores, write game summaries and take photographs.  Contact us at: info@rosevilleendzoneclub.org 

Homecoming Mohawks

Roseville Raiders Endzone Club

In 2012 a group of dedicated parents founded the Roseville Raiders Endzone Club to support the Roseville Football Program. The Endzone Club invites all parents, alumni and supporters of Roseville football to join the Endzone Club and support the program.  Our fundraising efforts will help maintain and strengthen the tradition of Roseville football, improve player equipment and safety, create an adequate player-coach ratio at all levels, and allow the program to have use of current technology.

Week 7 Player Awards

10/17/2014, 10:30am CDT

Offensive Player- Henry Bensen

Defensive Player- None

Big Man on Campus-Dominic Weyker

Special Teams-Anthony Weber

Big Hit-None

O Scout-Andrew Cepress

D Scout-Donivin Turner

Raider of the Week-Joh Farmer

Applebee's Player of the Week-Dominic Weyker

Week 6 Player Awards

10/07/2014, 9:00am CDT

Offensive Player- Devin Dykes

Defensive Player- Joh Farmer

Big Man on Campus-Peter Boerigter

Special Teams-Jack Whitthauer

Big Hit-Dominic Weyker

O Scout-Ethan Heroux

D Scout-Collin Ethen

Raider of the Week-Anthony Weber and Tamir Beeler

Applebee's Player of the Week-Devin Dykes

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